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About the Author: HARRY W. TODD, Retired Geologist

I arrived at my novel thesis not through a traditional background of atmospheric sciences, but rather after more than a decade of studying this particular problem using earth science data  available on the internet.  My academic qualifications include a Master of Geological Engineering 1960 from the University of Oklahoma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, and Tau Beta Pi.  I am retired from oil and gas exploration, but not from an academic interest in earth sciences.

Harry ToddMy purpose in putting this out on the Web, rather than a traditional academic peer-reviewed publishing route, is to generate quickly a wide discussion and a new method of modeling ozone hole and climate change predictions based on a more robust set of factors than simply pollution and carbon emissions.  I hope you will aid its reach – please contact me if you wish to discuss any issue, methodology, alternative approach, conflicting theory, or how we might collaborate further.

email:   harry.todd @ cox.net

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Harry W. Todd, AAPG Certified Petroleum Geologist #1053


Ardmore High School (1954) – Three-year Bausch & Lomb Science Award
University of Oklahoma – B.S. Geological Engineering (1958),

Omicron Delta Kappa, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Gamma Epsilon
University of Oklahoma – Master of Geological Engineering (1960)


Exploration geologist with Sunray DX Oil Company, Chenoweth & Assoc., and Helmerich & Payne
Exploration manager with Transok-PSO and Todd Exploration (Tulsa and New York City)
Selected for Who’s Who in the South & Southwest, 1986-88
Member of American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Div. of Professional Affairs), Tulsa Geological Society, Phi Delta Theta
Former member Petroleum Exploration Society of New York, Oklahoma City Geological Society,
Former president of Oklahoma Well Log Library, Tulsa


Global Warming, Ozone Holes, and Magnetic Poles: A Primary Investigation Reexamining Brewer-Dobson Ozone Theory to Uncover the Atmospheric Role of Paramagnetic Oxygen in Recent Extreme Weather Patterns and Global Climate Change, 2015, WordPress.com | The Independent Publisher Theme,  http//www.harrytodd.org

Mississippian Springer Sands as Conduits for Emplacement of Hydrocarbons into Prolific Ordovician Reservoirs in Southern Oklahoma, 2001, Oklahoma Geological Survey Circular 105, pp 83-88.

Computer Stereograms of Oklahoma Subsurface Geology, 1987, GEOBYTE, Vol. 2, No. 3, pp. 30-33.


Wife Janet Aileen Todd (musician), six children, eleven grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren.
Besides family, other interests have included scientific research, nature, travel, bison and bird watching, classical music, public radio & television, Democratic Party, photography, and handball.